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ZY210 Mini Crawler Excavator with weight 21T

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ZY210 Mini Crawler Excavator with weight 21T
Zy210 Crawler excavator



  • Local license made Deutz water-cooled diesel engine or British or Japanese made Cummins diesel engine
  • Rexroth or TOSHIB or Kawasaki hydraulic pumps ,valves and pilot Valves made in Germany or Japan in current model; Korean made swing and travel hydraulic motors
  • Luxurious cabin with air conditioner
  • CE marks 


Operating Weight:20000kg
Engine Power:115kw/2000rpm
Bucket Capacity:0.8¡ª1m
Maximum Digging Depth:6643mm
Maximum Digging Height:9631mm
Maximum Dumping Height:6864mm
Maximum Digging Radius:9925mm
Front Minimum Swing Radius:3554mm
Frame Width:2622mm
Undercarriage Width:2800mm
Total Length of Track:4148mm
Transportation Width:2800mm
Transportation Height:2926mm
Clearance Under Counterweight:1053mm
Minimum Ground Clearance:492mm
Hydraulic System Working Pressure:30Mpa
Variable Pump Displacement:2*107cm3/r
Maximum Digging Force of Bucket:122.85KN
Maximum Digging Force of Arm:97.64KN
Grade Ability:35
Ground Pressure:0.48*9.8/cm3
Travel Speed:4.88/3.42km/h
Maximum Drawbar Pull:19t
Swing Speed of Upper Structure 11RPM

Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice.
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End of ZY210 Mini Crawler Excavator with weight 21T

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